• The Tiny Tribe Collection - Drops 1-3

    Our latest collection, Tiny Tribe, is here! Featuring animal spirit inspired Leopard and Tiger prints, much loved growth-suits and hand knited cardigans.
  • Christmas Romper

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

  • New Kids On The FJL Block!

    An intro to the new family faces and owners of Frankie Jones The Label...
  • Introducing the Essentials Collection!

    It's been sah difficult keeping our new collection under wraps over the last few months! We've been hard at work behind the scenes testing samples,...
  • You Say You Want A Revolution

    If you're a social media and fashion fan, you've most likely seen your feed flooded with "Fashion Revolution" posts all week. Photos of people, all...
  • The Frankie Jones FIVE

    The idea behind The Frankie Jones FIVE is for us - and YOU - to get to know our tribe a little better (and give us some kind of legit reason to stalk our Instacrushes because #creeps).
  • Strike A Pose

    We thought we'd take you behind the scenes of our last collection and give you a little glimpse of the kind of madness involved in shooting 24 OUTFITS, using 8 MODELS in 3 HOURS!
  • Hey Jute

    If you've recently received an order from us, you'll notice that it arrived in a little brown bag. And that bag is made of JUTE. (Like ute but with a 'J'.)