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About us

Frankie Jones. All designed in Melbourne Australia. We create super stylish limited edition collections.

We are not ‘just another fashion label’.
We are a small label. Hoping to make a big difference.

Our focus. Besides your total happiness and helping you and your little ones be a super babein babes. We are big believers in details. Quality. Style. Fit. And comfort. Uh huh.

Which means. Every detail. Every print design. Every piece. Made with love. Designed with love. And care. Even the double stitch-stitch We love a seam to have a double stitch. It is our thing.

We support local artisans and communities. Right here. And around the world. All of our pieces are proudly made in ethical fair trade workshops. And we will never do it any other way.  No siree.

Our aim, other than to make you look fabulous. Is to bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability. And provide support for traditional handcrafting techniques.

How do we plan to do that? By using 100% organic GOT’s certified cotton wherever possible. By using non-toxic, chemical-free water based inks. A safer choice for you. A safer choice for us. And a safer choice for the environment. It’s how we roll. And always will.

And when you hear us say we support ‘slow fashion’. We don’t mean s-l-o-w. We mean we don’t rush. We allow our makers to take time. We design each print from scratch and each style from scratch. We print by hand. We stitch by hand. We love old school fashion design. And we want to make sure we provide you with good olde’ fashioned quality. And detail. That you will love us for.

Founder and Designer Cath Jones totes loves fashion. She loves design. And she loves to support fair trade. So she combined her loves. And created a label that she is super proud of. And totally in love with.

Want more? Well. Watch this space. Cath plans to expand on the already stylin’ product range. For both big and little babes.  She has grand plans to collaborate with talented makers all over the globe. And she can not wait to share it all with you.