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Fashun is sah glamour.

Well kinda... those beautiful images of sweet babes in our clothing involve a LOT of work to put together. Applications to wade through (it's so hard to say no when they're all so cute!), permits to apply for, locations to scout and finding a date when everyone needed is available.

We thought we'd take you behind the scenes of our last collection and give you a little glimpse of the kind of madness involved in shooting 24 OUTFITS, using 8 MODELS in 3 HOURS!

It's so helpful when the steamer drips water on the clothes

On a rainy and humid October morning we arrived on location (with one newborn and one 3 year old in tow) to discover that the apartment we were using was on the third floor - with no lift. Hooray!
Our buttocks got quite the workout carting all the clothing, props, catering and gear up those stairs.

Thank Goodness For ABC Kids App

Bring your kid to work day - thank goodness for ABC Kids App

Having settled our own kids, we had 20 minutes to figure out which model would wear what outfits and with what accessory.
The fab Image Takers - Clare and Simone - cast their expert eye over the surrounds and worked out which room we could hide/work in while they snapped each baby somewhere in the tiny apartment.

Polly's mumma getting her ready

Once the talent (that's industry speak obvs) started arriving, it was a matter of getting one baby in front of the camera, one baby ready and dressed to swap in when the other one spat the dummy (that's literal speak obvs) and getting the next lot of outfits ready for the family that was set to turn up every 20 minutes for 2 hours.

Piece of cake right? Think about how long it takes to dress YOUR kids...

Clare doing her thing, while mumma Georgina watches on

Thankfully their were minimal tears, no "stage" mums and most of the gorgeous wee babes seemed to respond to multiple rounds of "Hot Potato".

It. Was. Bedlam.

But it was also THE BEST. Beautiful children, enthusiastic parents and 4 women who all happened to be mums working well together by basically just rolling with it...

With a new collection set to drop, we'll be doing it all again soon!

The aftermath

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  • What an awesome day it was!! It takes lots of lurve and dedication to do what you do. !!! Love the pictures!!!


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