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If you've recently received an order from us, you'll notice that it arrived in a little brown bag. And that bag is made of JUTE. (Like ute but with a 'J'.)

Jute is a real kind of wonder fibre and we didn't just choose it 'cause it looks all boho - although that IS a bonus!

It's important in our quest to create sustainable fashion, that we carry our eco-friendly efforts across all facets of our label. That INCLUDES our packaging and THAT is why we chose jute.

Being a natural fibre, once you're done with the bag it will biodegrade (ie, breakdown into the earth COMPLETELY) no matter where it ends up - even in the dreaded landfill.


It's a super fast growing crop which means it uses less resources in its production and is kinder on the planet; mainly because not much water is needed for it to grow.

What is most important to us, is these bags are made with no toxins or chemicals and are 100% natural. Safe for those sewing up those seams and safe for our staff packing your orders.

Being a cute pouch, the possibilities for re-use are endless, for example: as a make up bag; for your littles to carry around their toys in; or gift it to your girlfriend with a little pressie inside (but not a RE-GIFT because tacky!).

For those of you who make regular orders with us (we adore you obvs!), we are working on providing checkout options for you to say "enough with the jute bags they are all over my house!" But until then, if you would prefer your order WITHOUT the pouch and with the bare minimum of packaging, just pop a little note in the relevant checkout section and we won't send one.

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