You Say You Want A Revolution

If you're a social media and fashion fan, you've most likely seen your feed flooded with "Fashion Revolution" posts all week. 

Photos of people, all over the world, holding signs declaring they've made your clothes. 

Sure fashion can seem frivolous on the surface, but for many of us in the west it's a way to express ourselves and we wear clothes EVERY day. Otherwise #arrested.

Price can factor in our decisions on what to buy as much as style, look, fit and trick lighting in change rooms.
BUT the way clothing is manufactured, determines the cost. THAT is why it's important to take the time to learn about how your clothing is made.
If you're buying $2 t-shirts or 10 packs of undies for $5, how much do you think the garment workers are being paid in order for this mark up to be profitable for a big retailer?

Not. Much. 

And not only that, the conditions these staff work in are not safe or pleasant. 

Tragically on the 24th April 2013, 1138 people (mostly young women) lost their lives when the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed. 
Rana Plaza housed 5 textile factories and manufactured clothing for labels like Benetton, Monsoon, Mango, Primark and Walmart.

After this horrendous event, some in the fashion world were brave enough to stand up to the capitalist motivations of their peers and bosses and demand change. And the Fashion Revolution and its mission was born:


The Fashion Revolution believes that TRANSPARENCY is key in achieving change. 

In line with this, Frankie Jones The Label would like to introduce you to some of our partners in manufacturing our clothing. We work predominately with Indian and Peruvian companies who not only adhere to the principals of slow fashion, Fair Trade and environmentally conscious practice, but are PROUD to do so. 

You can meet our knitwear co-ordinators via the clip below!

Peru Partners from Frankie Jones on Vimeo.

And these are some of our tailors in India - Raj Kumar on the right and Umeshbhai on the left!

It may seem overwhelming to read this kind of information - you know, from the comfort of your couch, on your internet, with your car in the driveway - but there are some simple things that YOU can do to ensure the horror of the Rana Plaza is never repeated.

To make BIG companies take responsibility for their manufacturing and not turn a blind eye to workers being abused, underpaid, threatened and physically harmed in order for you to get a "bargain".
Head to Fashion Revolution to continue your education and find links to TAKE ACTION.

FJL may be a little fish in huge pond, but if we can figure out how to make responsible fashion, then surely huge companies with teams of hundreds or even thousands of staff can do the same. Right?

We thank YOU for supporting us to be a part of the Fashion Revolution - it's about so much MORE than clothes.

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